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Verdronken dorpen

The cultural tourism project Verdronken dorpen (Drowned villages) tells the story of Gelderland villages, disappeared by floods.

The theme is put on the map, with a publication by Jan and Sanne Terlouw,
poetry on location and two cycling routes Verdronken dorpen.

Summer 2011, the public could enjoy dance, theatre, music and visual arts at six locations.
The route was extended in 2012 and in 2013 a route app was realized.
The concept has caught on; currently, the Regional Office of Tourism Arnhem Nijmegen and KCG are working on extending, along the Maas River.

The performances in 2011 attracted 1.300 visitors. In 2011 and 2012; 1.150 copies of the book were sold, and as many as 19.500 people biked the route.

Verdronken dorpen was commissioned by Cultuurpact (Cultural pact) Arnhem; 10 municipalities in Gelderland. As Regional Coordinator Cultuurpact, my job was the concept development and project management, until 2013. 

Partners: Regional Tourist Board Arnhem Nijmegen, The City Region Arnhem Nijmegen, Staatsbosbeheer, Recreation Board Achterhoek Liemers, Historical Societies, Valkhof Museum, Gemeenschap Beeldende kunstenaars Gelderland, National History Museum, Regional entrepreneurs, NORT Gelderland, Province of Gelderland and KCG. 
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Verdronken dorpen